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I put together a playlist just by clicking the + sign on the youtube player. It worked great but I couldn’t find a way to add a 2nd playlist. Was browsing around the forums and watching some youtube vids and found that all I had to do was make a next txt doc inside of the addons/youtubePlayer folder and then write the command in the bot !playlist loadpl file name name.txt and it should work. Well after I tried to test it with a file named RHCP with one song in there YouTube and upload it stopped my youtube player from loading entirely. I tried deleting the .txt file named RHCP, tried to run the same command but for the currentsong.txt file but nothing. If I launch the youtube player it just spins and the youtube viewer says RHCP is trying to load. The command prompt spits out the error [ERROR] [init.js:208] (, yTPlayerRequestCurrentSong, ./systems/youtubePlayer.js) TypeError: Cannot call method “getOwner” of null

What can I do to reset the ytplayer so that it still has the default playlist and what did I do wrong for adding the new one? Thanks!

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So I uninstalled and reinstalled the bot because I didn’t configure much yet. It restored functionality for the ytplayer but I would still like some help setting up a new playlist. Is there a way to do straight from the website without constantly editing the default playlist?

I don’t want to mess this up again and reinstall at a later time after some more configuration. I think I got everything back to normal that I had done before however I added something to the botlogin.txt and don’t remember what it was lol. I only setup youtube and twitter for the bot, couldn’t find anything for botlogin.txt editing in my history so I can’t remember what I put there but I know it was for some functionality.


Take a look at the playlist section of this guide. It will show you how to import one.

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