Youtube songrequest not working

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Youtube songrequest doesnt seem to be working at all. It detects that is enabled but after that when putting !songrequest commands it gives me erros such as… Failed adding song to queue: YouTube error (No data returned.) or Failed adding song to queue: YouTube error (This video is not allowed to be embedded. Ive tried reading related issues with mine on forums and tried some things to try to fix it such as taking the apikey out and put it back in. I need help getting to bottom of this. I have had issues before but managed to fix it but now I dont know what do to.

Take a look at this blog post.

I have been seeing more and more songs that are not allowed to be embedded. This is returned by YouTube itself, and not by PhantomBot. We merely return the error code back from YouTube.

In my personal opinion, this will continue to become the norm. Recent legislation is having companies rethink how their media is consumed and more and more labels (and in some cases artists) are wanting control back over their product. I still have the email from Twitch discussing steps that they may have to take in addition to what they already do to protect themselves from copyright violations of their streamers.

I understand the whole copyright issue, what I want to know is how do I know if songrequest works at all even if i have non copyright music playing? Ive tried putting songs that are not copyrighted material & that doesnt seem to work either. If I know this songrequest function doesnt work at all, then I can rest & look forward for another bot that I can use for such function even if I want to just play non copryrighted material. Thank you for helping me & suggestion certain solutioins.

Song requests works for videos that are allowed to be embedded. If they are not set to be allowed by the content (channel) owner they will not work.

This will be the same for any service that adheres to the YouTube API.

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