YouTube Playlist Importer

Hey guys! I made an application a while back that allows users to import a full playlist on YouTube and converts it into a text file that PhantomBot can read. I will port the steps below on how to get it to work on Windows.

  1. Download the zip folder.
  2. Extract the file content from the zip folder.
  3. Launch the application by double-clicking on Playlist Importer.exe
  4. Create your own YouTube API key. Learn more about this here: Acquire YouTube API Key
  5. Copy your new YouTube API key, and place it in the API key box within the application.
  6. Make sure your YouTube playlist is public, and copy the id which is located after ?list= in the URL into the Playlist ID box within the application.
  7. Click the import button, enter the file name and location you want the playlist to be saved in, and if you followed everything correctly it should import all of your songs.

Just note that PhantomBot only allows 150 songs to be loaded, if you want more, you will have to use your API key with PhantomBot, which you can follow the Acquire YouTube API Key guide. Once you’ve done that, you can just import your playlist into PhantomBot like normal.

To import the song file into PhantomBot, simply copy and paste the txt file generated into the addons/youtubePlayer folder and run the !playlist importpl command. (243.0 KB)


It seems sometimes the importer will freeze/crash when importing a large playlist. unsure if its the size or the videos.

I was able to break it 8/10 times with this playlist id though: PLfY-m4YMsF-OM1zG80pMguej_Ufm8t0VC

I am aware of that. it’s an issue with memory usage. I will look at it one day when I get time. It should still import the whole playlist before crashing, at least it did when I tested.

Fixed in the latest upload, also did a bit of cleaning up and memory management.

Does this still work or is this still needed to import a Youtube Playlist to PhantomBot? Or is there a better way now? I ask cause this is 2 years old now

I suppose now that everyone is required to get their own API key we could look at integrating directly into the bot. I personally do it all from the command line in Linux, but that’s me.

That aside, even though it is 2 years old, if it works, it works. I mean, there are still point-of-sale systems running Windows XP out there in the wild for that reason :smiley:

Yeah :slight_smile: wasn’t mean that it doesn’t work. Just wanted to be shure, that in this 2 years there is no new feature regarding this in the Dashboard or something, that I maybe missed…

I used the App last week and it was very fast importing 800 songs :smiley: but now every time I add a new song to my youtube playlist, I have to run all again … that’s bad… maybe a Sync would be cool

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you could just add it to the playlist of the bot itself too :slight_smile:

yes - but still need to do this twice - cause It’s a public playlist I want to share with my viewers