Youtube player - video is no avaible

Hello, i have a question abou youtube player.

Some video like this is ok:

But this is not:

It is connected to this? Regarding Copyrighted Music and YouTube

It is all about copyright? Or i do something wrong?

Sorry for my english.

You need to upload image files (jpg, jpeg, png) showing your error. HTML files will not work

Video is not avaible. But why?

That video may be blocked in your country. It is possible that the block only applies to embedding in another webpage from your country.

The bot console will usually indicate this by showing a YouTube error 150

in chrome or another browser is ok. Is there a way how to figure out that video is blocket for embedding? If i use streamelements for mediasharing video normaly play.

Are you accessing the YouTube player though an IP address? (eg for example)

I am reading that this may be caused by using an IP address in the address bar instead of a domain or hostname, because YouTube is weird like that apparently

first info from console:

[07-18-2019 @ 15:37:33.778 GMT] [ERROR] [onMessage()] Skipping song, YouTube has thrown an error: 150
[07-18-2019 @ 15:37:34.800 GMT] [ERROR] [onMessage()] Skipping song, YouTube has thrown an error: 150
[07-18-2019 @ 15:37:35.810 GMT] [ERROR] [onMessage()] Skipping song, YouTube has thrown an error: 150

when i play video with error


Yes you have 100% right i don´t have domain. I use public IP address. Can i fix something?

If you are accessing the panel through a public IP address (for example, it’s on a VPS that you bought somewhere), you may want to try setting up some kind of domain name to use for accessing it. You can get a free subdomain pointing to that IP, which should be sufficient, from No-IP

If it is an internal IP (computer is elsewhere in your house, connected to the same router), then you may want to lookup how to give it a hostname, then use the hostname instead of the IP

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you have 100% right! It caused by IP address. thx

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