YouTube player doesn't work

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Heya it’s me again. I tried to use the YT player after a long time but it seems like is has something against my playlist that was working a few months ago. The playlist I’m talking about is my “Liked” playlist on YouTube (public). Same thing happens with the default playlist.
When opening the player, I get my console spammed to hell with:

[05-06-2019 @ 02:53:54.228 GMT] [ERROR] [youtubePlayer.js:743] YoutubeVideo::exception: This 
video is not allowed to be embedded (ID: UbQgXeY_zi4)
[05-06-2019 @ 02:53:54.243 GMT] [ERROR] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3 
Error: [Domain] usageLimits [Reason] keyExpired
[05-06-2019 @ 02:53:54.245 GMT] [ERROR] [youtubePlayer.js:743] YoutubeVideo::exception: This 
video is not allowed to be embedded (ID: mLKRbL1OmV0)
[05-06-2019 @ 02:53:54.263 GMT] [ERROR] [GetData()] YouTubeAPIv3 
Error: [Domain] usageLimits [Reason] keyExpired

I even created a new API key because of the YouTubeAPIv3 Error: [Domain] usageLimits [Reason] keyExpired and it still refuses to work.

I am looking forward to any help <3

The error is with your API key, as is indicated:

YouTubeAPIv3 Error: [Domain] usageLimits [Reason] keyExpired

Performing a Google search for "YouTube API keyExpired’ returns the following information:

There seems to be a document from YouTube regarding this as a reply to a similar request to Google for support:;gpf=d/topic/youtube/_Uo-Y89t9HY;context-place=forum/youtube


The API key provided in the request expired, which means the API server is unable to check the quota limit for the application making the request. Check the Google Developers Console for more information or to obtain a new key.

I would recommend obtaining a new key if you are not sure why your key has expired.

Thanks for your reply. I wasn’t able to find any info with the error I got in the Google Dev Console so I’ve gone one step further:
Instead of obtaining a new API key, I created a whole new project and there I created a new key. That worked perfectly. My guess is that either Google had a hiccup or my project was too inactive (last time I used the player was like 5 months ago) so Google used some magic to screw me over. Anyways. If you see someone in the future with the same problem, this should hopefully do the trick.

Have a good day! :smiley:

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You are welcome! Sorry for the troubles with the API, unfortunately we require people to manage those themselves after our key was abused to the point where it was rate limited within minutes every day :frowning:

Thank you for the detailed information, now that it is in the forum, the next person should be able to find it.



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