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PhantomBot provides a YouTube interface to allow your users to request songs at your discretion. In order to have the music broadcast on your stream, you must run the web interface on the machine from which you are broadcasting from.

Web Interface

The URL to access the YouTube player is:

If you are hosting on a remote server:
http://your_remote_IP:25000/ytplayer (Example:

Note that localhost would be your host and 25000 is the baseport configuration. Therefore, if your baseport is set to 30000, then the HTTP server is running on port 30005. Please note that SSL support is available as well, but you must acquire SSL certificates for PhantomBot.

If you are using a remote host, you may need to open firewalls (please refer to your provider for assistance) to the baseport (25000 by default) and baseport+3 (25003 by default).

You will be prompted for a username and password when you connect to the player. Enter the password you entered when you setup PhantomBot. If you did not do this, type panelsetup in the bot console.

Above is the YouTube Player web interface. Note that you may pause, play, move around in the song, skip, mute, adjust volume, request a new song, steal (bookmark) the current song to the current playlist and toggle the chat window from the controls. You may also delete songs from the song request queue and from the default playlist as well as steal (bookmark) songs from the song request queue to the current playlist.


You may keep multiple playlists with different genres of music for example. To create a new playlist, you have two options. The first option is to create a new playlist from the bot and then start to add songs to it from song requests an steal them or add songs to it directly:

The second option is to create a file the addons/youtubePlayer directory that can be imported by the bot. This file may have YouTube links, YouTube IDs, or search strings – just like the !songrequest command. Please note that unless you register your own YouTube API key that imports are limited. Here is a sample file:

And importing that list – please note that importing takes some time as each song must be verified against the YouTube API! Even if the bot doesn’t come back and say anything immediately, rest assured it is working on processing the file. If it indicates that there is an error importing any songs, please review your error logs for details.

If we look in the Web Interface:

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