Hey. Is it possible to automatically change
on ?
I put the bot on windows server 2016 and when I try to connect from another computer to ytplayer, I get an error 150 (101) and the song is skipped

By attempting to bypass the embedded player, that is a violation of YouTube’s TOS. Essentially, that service is in violation of YouTube’s TOS and we will not support it.

On a side note, depending upon your location, we are seeing more and more error code 150’s from European users. While I cannot make an official statement, as I am not YouTube, I do wonder if any of the recent changes with regards to copyright laws in the EU are a reason for this. I have thought of having an option to provide the region that the bot is located in and passing that to the initial lookup to verify licensing for that region.

If you are comfortable providing the country that the Windows server is in and a few IDs that return 150, I would be able to test out detecting this sooner (during song request).


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