Writefile command, easiest way to display contents?

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Afternoon folks,

I am trying to configure a song title request using the writefile command. My ultimate goal is to have users request a title and it updates in real time within a browser. Now, i tried to cheat and just use the writefile to output to HTML instead of text, which works great except the text goes horizontal across due to no formatting.

My question is, what would be the easiest way for a user to input text within the chat, and then it get parsed to HTML or something else where i could see it realtime by refreshing in a list order.


If you want the file parsed to HTML, you would need to have a secondary script that reads in the file and produces HTML, have (writefile) produce the HTML that you want that references a CSS file, or write a custom script that produces the HTML completely. I feel that putting in a large amount of CSS and HTML formatting into a custom command could be difficult to maintain.

Knowing what formatting you are looking for would be helpful.

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