Wont connect to MySQL

Hey first sorry for my bad english.

I installed a new Windows 2k19 Server with MySQL 8 with the Legacy Authentication Method.
The Port is open MySQL Server works fine but the bot wont connect to the Server.

More Informations:

  • Server: localhost via TCP/IP
  • Server-Typ: MySQL
  • Server-Version: 8.0.16 - MySQL Community Server - GPL
  • Protokoll-Version: 10
    UTF-8 Unicode (utf8mb4)

It wont work as root and as botuser with full grants.
Still the Error:
[06-08-2019 @ 21:30:21.522 GMT] [ERROR] [CreateConnection()@MySQLStore.java:100] Failure to Connect to MySQL: Could not create connection to database server.
[06-08-2019 @ 21:30:21.523 GMT] Could not create a connection with MySQL Server. PhantomBot now shutting down…

I hope you can help me.

Edit: It works with MySQL 5.5.62 it would be nice to work with the new MySQL Version!

Unfortunately, we do not provide support for MySQL beyond allowing for connections. I seem to recall when I use MySQL 8.0 for items at work, when upgrading from 5.x, that there are some additional constraints that have to be configured on the user to allow connections with passwords. Search the MySQL forums or other applicable support forums for MySQL for more information.

Also, for security reasons, I highly recommend not using the root account.

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