[Win] [NB] REST API 401 Unauthorized

PhantomBot Version: 3.1.2 NB 20200418
OS Version: Win10
Java Version: SE 14.0.1
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

When I try to make an API call to, e.g.
I get a 401 Unauthorized no matter what.

Things I tried:

  • Using instead of localhost
  • renaming the webauth token in botlogin.txt
  • removing the webauth token then restart the bot (as suggested in Option to toggle oauth for websocket possible?)
  • Passing token via XHR headers
  • Using incognito mode
  • Using an entire different browser

All of these did not work. Am I missing something? I can’t continue developing without data.


Sorry, I was unable to reproduce. You are sure you are using the webauth value from botlogin.txt and NOT the webauthro?


Eventually I tried installing a new instance of Phantombot with new base port and that solved the issue. But I still want to find out why I can’t make it work with the other instance. I’ll report back once I find out stuff.

By the way, when removing the webauth setting from botlogin.txt and restarting the bot no new token is being generated or written into botlogin.txt.

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