When I try to tweet, the bot just messages in chat

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PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2
OS Version: Linux
Java Version:
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Edge
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

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When I try to tweet, the bot console says "[CHAT] post -> Follow me at Twitter…….

Can you please show the command you are using to send the Tweet?

I was doing it in the control panel. Should I try it on the bot console?

Or just from Twitch chat. Either way. From the Console you would just need do the command like below (I show the response in the Console as well):

twitter post Testing from bot
[01-03-2019 @ 08:51:22.019 MST] [MUTED] @IllusionaryBot, Sent to Twitter: Testing from bot

Here’s what happened:

twitter post testing from bot
[01-03-2019 @ 16:33:49.654 GMT] [CHAT] post -> Follow me at Twitter.com/PowerNapper13 to get updates when I go live

That is my custom message that I put in the control panel to post when people type !twitter

…OK so I just deleted the custom !twitter command in my control panel because I was thinking I screwed something up by making a command with the same input as a pre-made command without knowing it. So now when I type “twitter post testing from bot” in the console nothing happens. ALSO when I type “!twitter post testing” in the twitch chat, or when I try to tweet from the box in the control panel nothing happens. The bot console does not display ANY characters. How do I restore the twitter commands in the bot to default? Is that the problem?

In the recent past, it was possible to overwrite some default commands with your custom commands. You probably overwrote the command !twitter some time ago, now it’s impossible, I guess. Not sure, but probably you need to edit some entries in phantombot database to restore original !twitter.

If the custom command is removed, you could ensure that the module is enabled for Twitter. I assume that you have already set up your application keys with Twitter and gone through the steps here:


The module is enabled, yes.
I also had a few questions about the Twitter integration setup. It seems as though the Twitter API process has changed since that guide was made, so when I did it, it would not let me pass on without a Callback URL. I do not understand what that is. Secondly, I did not know what to put for my website

How do I do this? Also, how recently was it fixed? I didn’t even start working on this bot until Saturday, Dec. 29, and I installed version 2.4.2 I believe

I have now realized that it is possible to create the custom !twitter command if you have never enabled the twitter module yet.
Have you restarted the bot after you deleted your custom !twiiter command?

You know what, deleting my custom twitter command and then restarting the bot worked. Thank you so much for your support @BantomPhot @IllusionaryOne Now I can tweet from the bot control panel and also the bot console and the twitch chat.

New question: What is the lag time between me going live and when the bot posts the “Stream is going live” tweet? I am testing it out right now and nothing appears in the bot console relating to the “stream is going live” tweet when I go live. I do have it enabled in the control panel.

Twitch takes 3-5 minutes to present the Go-Live event due to caching.

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Ok so last night I went live and my bot did not tweet. How do I make sure that the going live tweet is working?

Assuming that the bot can post a normal Tweet, go back over the configuration for Live Tweets. Also keep in mind that we will not Tweet an online status except every 8 hours. This is because of the strict automated posting filters that Twitter has. Twitter will reject Tweets from applications for various reasons.

Some people have experienced the Twitter Live post not going due to the message content. You could check the error logs and see if there are any errors related to sending a Tweet as well.

The 8 hours rule probably did it. I was unaware of this. If it continues, I will post more about my error logs, but in the mean time, thank you so much. I gave you a follow on Twitch and I really appreciate your help.

Always glad to help, please let us know if it doesn’t work.

I also know that 8-hour cool down stinks. We have found that Twitter has some really strict rules around applications auto-posting. We have had people shadow-banned or specific posts just get rejected. We do our best to work around a lot of those issues.

Thanks for your understanding!

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