Weather command request

Sorry if this was requested, but on the Forum Search nothing comes up, other than a topic of someone requesting help for a !weather command. But it doesn’t look like it’s something the bot already has built in. (If it is, I wonder where I can find more information on how to use it, because I did not understand much about what is they are talking on that topic)

The idea is simple, I would like a !weather command. A streamer that uses the bot streams from a Truck and he is always on different locaitons, so it would be something nice to have.

Thanks a lot.

The topic I found: Weather command

That post is accurate. Weather APIs are not entirely free and we cannot pay for one to provide support for everyone. You will need to sign up for an account as mentioned on the article you linked. You can then add the custom command as mentioned there once you sign up for an account and have an API key.

If it helps, I provided more detailed instructions here (and regenerated my API key, so the one on that page is not valid); also it looks like they upped the free tier to 10,000 look-ups:

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Been getting an API error the last week
!weather: An error occurred processing the API.

Guessing they changed their API, Though going to, getting a new key and reading up on how to query, my URL query works in the browser but not the command

My Custom !Weather command
(customapijson {Weather for } {, } location.region {:} current.condition.text {Temps:} current.temp_f {F } current.temp_c {C})

DeFrisselle, yes they changed their API. I updated my command and it works, but I couldn’t figure out how to make it so that it displays both Fahrenheit and Celcius.

(customapijson {In } {,} {the weather is } current.weather_descriptions {and the temperature is } current.temperature {°F } {with } current.humidity {% humidity})

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