!vote command has cool down

I have the latest PhantomBot release.

Currently not all votes are registered while a poll is running. Sometimes the cool down message appears for !vote.

I also added a 0 cool down to vote that is global, but that doesn’t work either…

More information is required.

Please provide a sample poll. Please provide samples indicating the bug from logs.

Cannot reproduce on this.

I’ll add the !vote command to the hard-codded non-affected cooldown commands. The cooldown message is being send because to code looks for the last command triggered time to be > and not >=, even when the cooldown is set to 0 the code is still performed, so if two commands are sent at the exact same time the command will act like it’s on cooldown, this is intended (i’ll push a fix).

This is the list as of right now.

command == 'bet' || command == 'tickets' || command == 'bid' || command == 'adventure' || command == $.raffleCommand;

perfect - sorry, that I didn’t had the time for a sample, but it seems that that was really just in 1 condition. Thanks - hope a new release coming soon - if not I’m checking out the nightly for my next stream where I need !vote

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