Volume for Audio Panel?


Hey Guys

can you implemented a volume function for the sounds in the Audio Panel?
Or must i lower the volume of the sounds?

thx a lot for help

Sicfragger :slight_smile:


I think if you go in web\alerts\js\alertHandler.js you can change the volume on this line:

imageVolume = 0.8,

Or at the very least, this one:

audioObj.volume = imageVolume;

It’s a decimal based volume. 1.0 = 100%. 0.0 = 0%. 0.5 = 50%


thx i try this one :slight_smile:


Hmmm it dont work and at last one are no numbers to change them :frowning:


Correct, the last one is assigning the variable audioObj.volume to the value of the variable imageVolume

You would replace imageVolume with a number, like this:

audioObj.volume = imageVolume;
audioObj.volume = 0.3;


Unfortunately that does not work for me.
Can you show me the correct value for PhantomBot
I still changed the values but this doesnt change anything.


Just going through old requests, this can now be done.

See OBS Browser Source for Gif Alerts and Sound FX for more