Variable for ALL text after command

Hi guys,

Is there any variable for all text after command. (1) will get first word till space, but I want to retrieve everything after the command.


!giftest This is my text for the message

!giftest = (alert wink.gif,5,0.5,background:#fff;top:50%,(1))

Which works for the first word, (This), but ignores the rest. If I enclose the the text in quotes it works, but users won’t know to do this.

Any basic variables for this, or would I need to write a custom command to do this.


try (echo) instead (1) :slight_smile: (1) only uses the first argument after the command… (echo) will put in all of your text.

best regards :slight_smile:

to know what variables the bot can handle use this this page (click) … i don’t know how complete this list is, but there are many many variables in it :slight_smile:

Thanks… Actually was using that page, but must have missed the (echo).

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