Uptime clock dont work in Panel

Panel uptime clock dont work ;/ all time is 00:00

Looking into it

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It appears to be working on a fresh copy of the latest nightly build.
If you are not on the latest version (3.0.0-NB-20191106), try updating then do it again. Note that the time it displays is HOURS:MINUTES.

If it still does not work after letting the stream sit for a few minutes, double-check that the channel name is correct in config/botlogin.txt and then post here if you still need more help.

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dont working -dont updateing time

checked i try reinstall bot too and dont fix it

What operating system is the bot running on? (Windows, Mac, Ubuntu, Fedora, etc)

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Ubuntu Server 16.04.6 LTS

Before your next stream try the following to get some debugging information that may help me figure this out

Open your config/botlogin.txt file and ensure there is a line that says debugon=true
If this is not there, add it on a new line

cd into the bot folder, then use this command to launch the bot
script --command "./launch.sh" "./PhantomBot_$(date -u +"%FT%H%MZ").log.txt"

Don’t start the stream until the bot is all the way up

Open the bot panel, then start the stream

Wait at least 5 minutes. If the panel timer is not working, run the following command in the console onlinetest

Wait at least 5 minutes, then use the command exit in the console to properly shutdown the bot

If the panel timer was still not working, send me the log file that was created

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started working - twitch side problem
now works timer and viewers counter

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