Twitter, Hashtags and Mentions


The question often comes up, why has PhantomBot restricted the use of hash tags and mentions in Twitter? There was a time where we provided a PhantomBot application for Twitter that folks could use for reading and posting tweets. However, at one point, our account was banned from posting. After talking with Twitter, it was banned for hash tag and mention use. As such, they recommended not allowing our application to post hash tags or mentions.

This is explained a little bit in this Twitter Forum post:

Essentially, Twitter has automated systems that are scanning for the overuse of hash tags and their automated rules ( mention that they frown upon mentions. So, we have made the decision to not allow hash tags or mentions from our module at this time.

Being that PhantomBot is open source, you of course may change your installation and ignore this. We, however, cannot recommend this and cannot be held responsible if your account or application account are banned by Twitter. We understand that this is a very frustrating item, trust us, this was very frustrating for us when we were trying to determine how our initial application account was banned.

Rest assured that we only want to provide you the best experience possible and are looking out for you!

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