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I just decided to switch from Ankhbot to Phantombot, as I can have it running from a server.
I ran into quite a few issues, most resolved, except these:

  1. The shoutout command works great, returning e.g.

Go give SayviTV a follow at - they were last seen playing: Dark Souls III!

I’d like a similar one for the host return, however I can’t seem to find any.
It should look like:

Thanks for the host (name)! Be sure to check them out at! They were last playing (game)

What would (game) be? I sadly can’t test it out without streaming.

  1. Can the shoutout message be changed? With a simple !edditcom? Haven’t tried as I don’t want to lose the game return.

  2. I managed to get the subscriber count and points output working in a roundabout way. (subscribers) returned 0, so I took the txt from streamlabs, which I uploaded to google drive. I wanted the subscriber count and points, which were two text files. I had them combined before using a customapi, but I’ve been wondering why two customapi’s weren’t possible.

  3. In Ankhbot I could put a return after a line in the command and instead of having everything in one line, the bot would output multiple lines. Can Phantombot also output multiple lined commands? e.g.

Thanks for watching! Be sure to check out my other social media pages!
Fb + twitter + Instagram

etc. etc. Hope you got the idea.

  1. Some commands I want whispered to my viewers, e.g. sub game login

/w (user) private room: xxx, password: xxx

I’ve tried a few things for (user) but nothing seems to work. Any advice here?

Any help would be much appreciated, as I’m trying to completely change from Ankhbot!

  1. This isn’t possible, simple reason is because Twitch do enforce limits on their API, since a user could possibly get a lot of hosts, or auto hosts, this feature could hit the API request limit.

  2. Yes it can be changed, all of the bot’s responses are stored in its language files. You can read more about this here: How to Modify PhantomBot Language Files

  3. The custom API tag only works once since it could lock-up the bot if used in a bad way, or a very slow API.

  4. Again with rate limits, Twitch only allow 20 messages/commands to be sent in 30 seconds.

  5. You can take a look at our command variables for this: Command Variables Just note that Twitch doesn’t send whispers to users who don’t follow the bot.


Thanks for the reply!

  1. Why wouldn’t it be possible when it clearly works with !shoutout ? there’s no difference from manually doing a !shoutout or having it go through the host, as there is no limit for !shoutout

  2. So basically I need to check the shoutout message and copy that into the host message?

  3. I am a bit confused as to why all these things work on Ankhbot, but not here. The bot isn’t very quick with multiple lined commands, but it’s still possible

  4. Is it possible to trigger multiple commands with one command? Guess that would collide with the restriction again

  5. I guess the whisper settings were changed over the last year. Since Phantombot has both my Oath tokens, is it possible to send out commands over my main account?

  1. We trust caster enough to not spam the command, hosts on the other hand, especially for larger channels can be spammed a lot more. (Auto hosts)

  2. Yes.

  3. AnkhBot does things differently than us, we like to focus on optimization, AnkhBot mostly just adds feature without thinking about optimization it seems. PhantomBot is in a lot of large channels, we don’t want it to be slow because of features.

  4. You can do this with aliases, there’s a few posts on the forum about it.

  5. We only use your caster token to get hosts, it doesn’t connect to Twitch chat at all.

Just remember that PhantomBot is very different from AnkhBot, they may have features we don’t have and won’t implement. Because one bot does it doesn’t mean another can and will. :slight_smile:


Thanks a bunch.
I understand that the bots are different and that there will be some things one bot can do, but not the other.
I do use quite a few features that aren’t available on Phantombot. Using Aliases seems promising. That should satisfy me for a bit.

  1. Hopefully I can get the host thing fixed, as I really prefer to know what game the streamer was playing, as it gives me more information to converse with. I can see it not being good for auto hosts, but doing a shoutout for an auto host never happens, so it shouldn’t get spammed much.

  2. On another thought. I was disappointed with the random name generator, as unlike Ankhbot (the main reason I had switched to it), it calls out random people in chat and not just those who had been typing. i.e. calling out lurkers for no reason. Had a friend write a script for it. There isn’t by chance an existing command for this?

  3. Running into another issues. I have this from Ankhbot


It finds the current game I’m playing and displays the WR categories of that game. What would I substitute $mygame with?

  1. I’ll see what the other developers think about this, maybe we can add it just for manual hosts.

  2. There isn’t no, there isn’t a really accurate way of doing this. If Twitch could provide an official API with a viewer list it could be done easily.

  3. This should work (customapi (encodeurl

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