Trying to get this script/module to work. Please assist?


A buddy of mine gave me a script he was using in his streams awhile back. He said he used it in PhantomBot. I’ve been trying to get help from him in setting this script up, but he seems busy or uninterested and his replies are very few and far in between.

So far I have it installed into PhantomBot correctly (someone on the Discord walked me through it) and the module is enabled in the dashboard, but it’s not working. My buddy said I have to setup custom commands in the bot for it…which is where I am currently stuck. It’s 2 commands the script uses, but I have no idea how to setup the response with the script for it to work right.

I’ve been working on this for over a week with little progress being made, and it’s becoming a nightmare. If anyone could help me get this script working I would GREATLY appreciate it. It’s something I promised my viewers weeks ago and they seem really excited for it.


Hey there,

Before we get started in trying to figure out what the problem is, can you answer some basic questions?

  1. What version of PhantomBot are you running?
  2. Are there any errors in the console? Can you provide stacktrace errors/logs?
  3. Can you please provide the script, and let us know what exactly it does that way we can help debug it to make it working?


  1. PhantomBot, the Stable version in the middle of the Download section.
  2. Everything loads fine. There are no errors or error logs. it’s just I have no idea what to do further for it to work. The guy mentioned setting up the custom commands and that what to put in the command responses were in the script itself. I have an extremely basic knowledge of reading some script, but this is way too advanced for me. Friend didn’t tell me anything else.
  3. I can provide/explain it privately, I’d rather not share it openly.

this sounds interesting i want to know more :face_with_raised_eyebrow: but i respect privacy so :smirk: