TriviaBot Feature

Hello all,

I would love a Trivia Bot for my Makeup and Gaming streams

Summary for what would be great for a Trivia Bot like this:

  • Easy updating of questions if the answer to the question changes with a Game Patch etc
  • It says Next trivia question in 10s… as a preparation so people are ready to answer, before a question.
  • Able to differentiate between given subjects, so that it turns on the “game” subject when I enter a MOBA game, and turns off when I leave it, with a command saying “Trivia is paused until next game begins” etc. And on other streams in “Just Chatting”, the other topic is activated where the bot is on the entire stream with the other folder of questions for Subject Nr 2, with longer intervals per question, every 10 minutes is good. The game trivia is to keep chat busy when ingame and focused, and the Just Chatting is nice to have on with longer intervals, to keep nice conversation sparked and to engage and inform new viewers.
  • It rewards 1 point for the first 3 correct answers in Chat. You can check score by activating a command. Maybe !checkscore or !triviascore. Also a command to list the rewards, and its price, and one to redeem.
  • Having it connect to a separate twitch channel as a bot.
  • Possibility to add 1-3 or several acceptable answers

I will update this post if I come up with more better features it can have :smiley:

I was thinking the same so I started learning JS in depth. Great idea!

I am working on a trivia with a dashboard too :slight_smile:

Please do keep in mind if i do release the panel for it then you will need to edit the code in your own panel for it it work :slight_smile:


Quackastic Idea!