Translation of command into another language


How to translate commands !Age or !Followage
I am just a resident of Russia and many of my viewers do not know English.
And I would like the teams to be written in Russian.


Hello there, you can translate the bot via the language files we use. The guide I just linked walks you through how to do this.

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I tried but did not find anything about the command !age


That’s no longer a command, it’s a tag that you can use in custom commands which are found in the main.js file in the language folder. Should be like 400 $.lang.register('common.get.age', '$1 $2 has been on Twitch since $3.');


Help then why the place of Russian letters to write characters


Thx <3


Placed answer with filenames and lines to edit in the second ticket you opened (in the future, try to keep things to one ticket to help us out)


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