Toggle for disabling/enabling single notices/timers

It would be great, if we could toggle each message in “notices” (“timers” in beta panel) on/off individually. Should be fairly easy to implement and it would be super useful.

Example scenario: I have multiple stream series like #storyTIME or #feierabendSTRÖM and a message timer, which posts todays stream-topic and additional info in chat. Instead of deleting the message and write a new one for every stream, I could just switch a toggle.

Other scenario: You do special/non-gaming streams on a regular basis (like Talkshow with guests, IRL, music,…) and want to have 2 different sets of notices for different stream types. Instead of deleting and rewriting a bunch of messages each time, you could just switch a few toggles.

Pretty convenient, huh? :slight_smile:

Already ahead of you. This has been being worked on for quite some time including being able to set notices based on the game configured.

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