Timer Text + Command

Is it possible to trigger a a Text like:
This are our Top 5 + !top command at once?

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You can trigger the top command with “command:top”.
You only need to create a new timer with this.

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Hmm i made a test command like !test with command:top
after i use !test the bot said: command:top

My Plan was a Timer with:
Our Top Chatters are
1 xxxx. 2.yyyy 3. zzz

Dont know if this possible

if you want to use it with a command, you should use (command top).
Timers and Commands are different.

im Lost… what i try was:

(command top)

in Timer, and all he did was this as Chat Output. Aka Bot: (command top)

Did you enable the topCommand script?

!module enable ./commands/topCommand.js

i enabled this Command and its working.

The Problem is, i wish a Timer, so that the Top automatically
anounced every xx Minutes.

!module enable ./systems/noticeSystem.js
!notice add command:top
!notice interval 5
!notice req 25
!notice toggle
!notice toggleoffline

Change the number after interval to the number of minutes you want

Change the number after req to the minimum number of messages that the Viewers must say before the timer is allowed to fire again (prevents a wall of timers when chat is dead)

Only run the toggleoffline command if you want the timer to keep triggering while stream is offline

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