The Challenge! Automated, Randomized Fighting Chat Game!


Change Log:

  • Added back the capability to be able to challenge the bot!
  • Added a challengeInterval to set the challenge Interval different to the chat message Interval



@ArthurTheLastAncient @Dakoda

Wow! You guys are awesome! I had no expectations when I posted that, especially since it was so long ago! Thank you for the quick response and turn around :smiley:

I’m planning on using the Phantom Bot for the first time in Chat tonight, and so far I’ve been very impressed with it. Being able to download extensions, and in the future, be able to add my own, is really cool! I hope to return the favor with my own contributions down the road!



Thanks Guys… it is perfect…

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Hello! I tried installing this, but I cannot find any responses from the module. I have overwritten all the directory files and placed the new files where they should go, but I have zero responses from the challenge. There are even no errors in the console. Perhaps it is because I am using an outdated version?

PhantomBot Version: (Revision: ${repository.version})

Operating System: Mac OS X

Java Version: 1.8.0_151-b12

PhantomBot License: [GNU General Public License v3.0]

Panel Version: 1.2 (BETA)

Panel Template: AdminLTE

Template Version: 2.4.0

AdminLTE License: MIT License

this currently doesnt work with the new panel sorry

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ok! No worries. I just wanted to make sure I haven’t made any mistakes.

Hi guys,
thank you for the script, I love it

I can’t change the baseCommand though, when I try to set it this message show up in the console:

[ERROR] [init.js:317] Error with Event Handler [command] Script [./custom/games/challeng > init.js:510] Exception [ReferenceError: “commandExists” is not defined.]

Any idea?

Please make sure you have the most up to date script line 510 doesnt have commandExists so im not to sure where thats coming from


Yes, I’m using that version, still the same issue though

Maybe as a workaround is there a method to hardcode my new basecommand in the script?

I tried to figure out but nothing changed. My console error is this

wily_wolf: !challenge set baseCommand duello
[ERROR] [init.js:317] Error with Event Handler [command] Script [./custom/games/challengeSystems.js > init.js:520] Exception [ReferenceError: "commandExists" is not defined.]

I updated to the latest nightly build (15 july) and I used the latest script files.

Can anyone help me?

change commandExists to $.commandExists

It worked! Thanks!

And if I want to disable the bot from being challenged from anyone, how can I do?

just change this

				if (currentChallenge.challenged.toLowerCase() == $.botName.toLowerCase()) {
					$.say($.lang.get('challengesystem.challenge.sentself', baseCommand, currentChallenge.challenger, currentChallenge.challenged));
					clearTimeout(acceptTimeout); // Clear Timeout as there is not need for it to expire.
					if ((tempwager > 0) && $.bot.isModuleEnabled('./systems/pointSystem.js')) {
						$.inidb.decr('points', currentChallenge.challenged.toLowerCase(), tempwager);

					setTimeout(function () {
						initialiseChallenge(); // Initialize the Challenge. This will also set up the setTimeout events to run the challenge.
					}, 5e3);
				} else {
					$.say($.lang.get('challengesystem.challenge.sent', baseCommand, currentChallenge.challenger, currentChallenge.challenged, timeoutSec));

Change what exactly?