Support Oracle Java 9; Variable Question


Why does Phantombot just support Java 8, not e.g. 9 or smth? The Libaries such different?


& just another Question.

How could i do some Commands like

Command: !hug User2
Response: User1 hug User2

i tried something like /me hug (1) (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ


i believe java 9 is still in beta but i could be wrong


Alixe is correct here. Another reason why we don’t support Java 9 yet is because they’ve changed some things and it would require a lot of fixing on our end, in order to keep things up to date. Plus, it would be sort of inconvient for our users to go out of their way and install Java 9, and i’m sure with it being in development it’ll be more of a hassle keeping up to date with it (both client and development side). Hope that makes sense.

As for your second question; please take a look at the Command Variables post.

Thanks and have a good day! :heart:


thx guys :slight_smile:

there is some error if u try this :smiley:

(pointtouser) hug (1)

if u run the command: !hug Peter, this will hapend: Sender hug Sender


You: !addcom hug (sender) hug (1=random)

You: !hug Peter
Bot: YourNameHere hug Peter

You: !hug
Bot: YourNameHere hug RandomChatter


There we go :smiley: but if u try “pointtouser” what just ping the user, the command got problems :smiley:


Use (touser) instead?

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