Support for a default !commercial command


This was brought up slightly in this thread back in May, however, it doesn’t seem to work, at least for me - so I was wondering if there could be official support for the implementation of a proper !commercial command that mimics the functionality Nightbot has had for a while now:

The ‘silent’ bit is also very, very nice.

I’m getting a push from several partnered streamers for which I maintain PhantomBots for that say their managers are asking them to automate commercials through their chat bot, and we’re having to use Nightbot just for this one feature rather than a comfortable solution through an existing, preferred bot.


!addcom commercial /commercial (1)

!permcom commercial 1

So bot admins can run ads «silently» (w/o visible response) through !commercial 60 or simply !commercial for example.


Also make sure that the bot is a Channel Editor in your Twitch Dashboard.

Can definitely look at making a more comprehensive Commercial solution, depending on where the up-votes go.



This used to be in the bot way back before I handed development over to the current team.

Re-implemented in PR #2147