Subscriber tier (twitch) based configuration(s), command hiding & loyalty point decay

Hey guys. I’ve suggested a few features so far that have been implemented now (thanks!) and was wondering about the status of some other ideas. I THINK I may have asked for one of these before but had no luck with the search so I guess it was back on the old message board!

1/ Per Twitch Subscriber tier loyalty reward

  • Currently, I have this feature on my bot due to custom coding work so I know it can be done. :slight_smile: Basically I have additional fields in my points area where I set the “on sub/resub” event to get x amount of points not just globally but dependant on the tier in which they sub. This is vital to reward the currency support and then use the loyalty for benefits etc. I simply cannot do my stream without this feature… BUT they way ive coded it simply means its a nightmare every time to update to the latest Phantombot so im WAY behind!

2/ Song request per tier

  • Similar to the above… I have set up my stream to have song request limits differ per tier! So standard subs get 3 song limit, tier two get 6 and tier three (the most expensive) get 10! Once again custom code and can’t live without! But i cant pull request as it’s just not been done properly as a module etc… its about 8 phantom bot releases behind and it has just been thrown in!

3/ Points decay.

  • This is something i DONT have but would be amazing and I know of 5 streamers just by talking about this idea on my stream that also use phantombot and want this! Effectively I’ve taken this from the WoW DKP system my guild uses… but I would want to introduce the option to turn on a points decay. If selected, you would set up a fixed % of all users total to remove on a fixed time point. so for example… “10% every month” (my plan) or perhaps “5% every Week” something like that.

  • My reasoning is simply after doing this for three years (celebration stream this Saturday for that reason!) I have a LOT of viewers that have moved on to better streamers and are sat in my database with a BUTT TONNE of points but they don’t watch anymore… there is no reason why they couldn’t randomly show up and suddenly buy all the tickets and swamp any event I’m doing… compared to someone whos been watching a lot and supporting recently etc. I don’t want to REMOVE the old points as they have earnt them… however, a slow decay over time is understandable for the integrity of the currency and to promote active involvement.

4/ “hide command from users” Flag on each command

  • effectively… I want a flag for every custom command and perhaps even on standard commands that means the command DOES NOT SHOW when a random user does !commands in chat. Basically I have a ridiculous amount of commands that are for moderation or to shout out streamers or to trigger functionality that simply isn’t for public use. I want the ability to stop that command from being in the OUTPUT of the !commands command. Right now my bot spams 3 BLOCKS of commands per use of that command and while i dont want to stop it because it is useful, I’d love to restrict it

5/ Power cycle button in the dashboard

  • straight forward one this… if the bot borks up… Having a button that runs the systctrl stop phantombot sorta command would be amazing. I run my bot remotely on another box so cant just “close the dll” sorta deal… and something like this would be amazing and stop putty usage or permissions issues i get sometimes with my setup.

Hope that all make sense. If I could get the above into PB I could pretty much go to a stock release of PB and update to get the latest fixes and changes! I think I have some other custom code but I forget what / why… if it turns out to be useful I will make another thread!


Not sure how long it would take to get around to these, but I am tracking them as issues #117, #118, #119, #120, and #121

They would still require approval from IO and Scania to merge into the stock bot if I do them

Ok thank you. While currently my time is limited, if I can help develop these items I am willing to do so. Especially if my issues are numbers 117 to 121 in a backlog. I would need guidance on your approach / best practices etc with module dev to begin with ofc.

I think these features are critical to a lot of streamers to consider using the bot over alternative bots out there… and frankly I’d be very surprised if IO / Scania didn’t want most of these features.

speaking bluntly. my version of Phantombot is outdated due to my modifications. Currently my YT player/song request doesnt work, constant errors on all request types & other certain features i wanted are in new versions that i cant use for reasons already mentioned. Other bots do most of the above already but i dont want to run two bots on the same name as my friends do.

I believe PB can should be able to do all of what other bots do (and more) and i dont want to have to swap. I’d rather help bring these features to the project