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If found this article: Current Subcount .txt file?

According to this: Is it possible to write the Subpoints to a .txt file as well and how?

Regards, Robert aka Wheeliam

PhantomBot does not have access to Sub Points. Twitch does not provide an API for this

I can’t believe, because Tipeeestream has access to the Subpoints. Where do they get these Infos from?

there is ways to do it but it would mean picking twitches api for every sub as it would get the sub list then have to ping again for what tier they are then add that main points to a counter which isnt really a good thing to do with rate limits and what not

As Dakoda indicated, the entire sub tree has to be walked and tallied up. With rate limits, especially the upcoming rate limits with Helix, that is pretty easy for channels with few subscribers - however, when you get to channels with thousands and thousands of subscribers, only 100 users may be queried at once. Additionally, a cursor has to be used and during large queries you will never be guaranteed to have correct data as it can change during the query (which becomes what is called a Dirty Read) and will potentially may never be correct - again, that only impacts very large subscription bases. It cannot be constantly queried so it has to be timed to run on a limited basis, meaning that it might not be up to date.

There is also a possibility that they are using an undocumented endpoint. There are some data sets that be queried, for example, with a different type of query, however, Twitch has indicated that endpoint set is not to be used and may result in a ban. Perhaps they look the other way for larger customers, but I doubt they would look the other way for individuals.

Ok guys. It seems it’s not that easy and isn’t worth the work. Thanks for your replies.

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