StreamElements Integration Setup


PhantomBot supports StreamElements Donations. You may enable that particular module and configure the output to chat as you see fit as well as set an award multiplier per whole unit of currency (dollar, pound, euro, etc).

You will need to have a StreamElements account, of course, then:

Go to this URL to get the JWT key for PhantomBot to poll data from StreamElements (Click show secrets):

  • Please do not show this token to anyone. Once you have it, simply add streamelementsjwt=TOKEN_HERE in your botlogin.txt file.
  • You will also have to add your account ID, which can be found on the same page as the JWT token. Just add it as streamelementsid=ID_HERE in your botlogin.

Enable the module in PhantomBot via the Panel or Chat:
!module enable ./handlers/streamElementsHandler.js

!lasttip	                               : Display the last donation.
!streamelements                            : Controls various options for donation handling
!streamelements announce                   : Toggles announcements for donations off and on
!streamelements rewardmultiplier [n.n]     : Set a reward multiplier for donations.
!streamelements message [message text]     : Set the donation message. Tags: (name), (amount), (points), (pointname), (message) and (currency)
!streamelements lastmessage [message text] : Set the message for !lastdonation. Tags: (name), (amount) and (currency)

You can also configure these settings on the web panel.

And you are ready! Happy streaming!

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