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Hello! Is there a way I can add a command for example !statme - The user has joined the channel on (the date) and has (hours) ?


There should be an argument for custom commands, I believe called (followage), that should do that, you’d just need to write the command. Double check the exact phrasing though, I’m at work and can’t access the panel from here.


is there a way I can edit this !followage command?


As it would be a custom command, you’d just need to use !editcom.


Can you tell me what I need to type please :smiley:


!editcom followage Auroris has been following the stream for (followage)! Go and give him a hug and a follow and all your life savings!

You might need to play around with that a little, I’m not sure exactly what format it prints the time in.

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And if I want to add his hours of watching the stream ?


These are all the command variables. If the TimeSystem is enabled, then they can use !time to see their time in chat, or you can use !time Auroris to see a user’s time.


So for example I should do this !editcom statme (followage) has joined my Familia on (here should be the date) and has (hours) in the stream ???


Caster: !addcom !followage (followage)
User: !followage
Bot: @User, user has been following channel PhantomBot since March 29, 2016. (340 days)

It looks like you should just be able to set the command to just show the (followage), and that should give you all the information you need.

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