SpeedRunsLive race command


Here is a really simple SpeedRunsLive script for PhantomBot! It adds a !race command that will send various information in chat about the race you’re currently in.




The script will add a !race command and will look for races you’re currently in using the speedrunslive api and will return the game’s name, race title, race state and the link to the race in the chat.

Set your account

By default, the script will look for races using Twitch channel’s name. If for some reason you need the script to look for a different username, you can set it up in the file scripts/lang/english/commands/commands-speedrunsliveCommand.js :

 * Your speedrunslive account, case sensitive!
 * Empty by default. Doing so, the command will search for races according to your Twitch channel's name instead
 * $.lang.register('speedrunslive.account', '');

$.lang.register('speedrunslive.account', '');

While racing on speedrunslive

User: !race
Bot: Dark Souls | All Bosses (Entry Open) at http://www.speedrunslive.com/race/?id=xnag7

While not racing on speedrunslive

User: !race
Bot: CapitaineToinon is currently not racing on speedrunslive.

this would be helpful if you had the download to the said script not just a link to the how to and the lang file text


Looking too much at the details, I forgot the obvious. Thanks, I added the download link!