Sound request refund is on but not working

PhantomBot Version: Live 3.0.0 / nightly 3.0.0-NB-20191101
OS Version: Windows 10 / Ubuntu 16.04
Java Version: 1.8.0_222
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Vivaldi 2.7.1628.33 / firefox
Stock PhantomBot: Yes


Just was playing with song requests refunds and it seems like feature is ON but points are not going back to the user. Steps to reproduce:

  1. Enable refunds (!ytp togglestealrefund)
  2. Check points (!points) - Let’s say 100 points, I used external username.
  3. Request song. Cost 10 points.
  4. Check points: 90 points.
  5. I’m adding it to my playlist (steal). I can see message in chat that user has received refund of 5 points.
  6. Check points: still 90 points.

I’ve tested that in windows and Ubuntu on live version 3.0 and nightly PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0-NB-20191101
Not a major problem but thought it’s worth to report as I would love to see that working…
I haven’t seen anything relating in logs unfortunately but let me know if need to provide any.

Thanks a lot,