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I have a problem with songrequest, if a user wants a song then the bot writes it in the public chat so that everyone can see! There is a button for chat on / off but for me for reasons does not work! How do I get it solved the bot it whispers to the user or just shows me on


ich habe ein problem mit songrequest, wenn ein user ein lied wünscht dann schreibt der bot es in den öffentlichen chat so dass es jeder sehen kann! es gibt einen button für chat an/aus der aber bei mir aus gründen nicht funktioniert! wie bekomme ich es gelöst das der bot es dem user flüstert oder nur mir an zeigt


Whispers are an interesting item in Twitch. You have to make sure that everyone is following your bot and Twitch suggests that you register your bot with them. If you want to go that route, you may.

I believe the on/off button that you are referring to is when the bot announces the song being played, there isn’t a toggle to not display in chat upon requesting a song.

Now, an interesting warning about hiding this off to whispers…suppose your moderators notice something in the request that comes back from YouTube, they can easily remove that request. It is not so easy if they only see that a song was requested but not sure what the return was from YouTube.



das heisst dieser chat button bei audio/yt player oben ganz rechts der ist völlig sinnlos ?

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That is this chat button with audio / yt player at the top right of the completely meaningless?


The chat button in the YouTube Player is for toggling a Twitch Chat window in the Player:

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Der Chat-Button im YouTube-Player dient zum Umschalten eines Twitch Chat-Fensters im Player:



Ich meine den button im control center der button heisst toggle chat notification

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I mean the button in the control center the button is called toggle chat notification


That turns off and on song announcements as the bot starts to play them. / Das schaltet aus und auf Lied Ankündigungen, wie der Bot beginnt, sie zu spielen.

EDIT: Now I see, works from chat with !ytp toggleannounce but the button is not firing. Will look, sorry for troubles! / Jetzt sehe ich, Werke von chat mit !ytp toggleannounce aber die Taste ist nicht abfeuern. Will schauen, sorry für Schwierigkeiten!


Tested again with some debug statements. It does seem to be working. I click disable from the panel then in chat I enable it each time again with the toggle command:

ytp toggleannounce
[08-27-2017 @ 23:44:28.310 MDT] [CHAT] @IllusionaryBot, YouTube Player Announcements have been enabled
ytp toggleannounce
[08-27-2017 @ 23:44:53.788 MDT] [CHAT] @IllusionaryBot, YouTube Player Announcements have been enabled
ytp toggleannounce
[08-27-2017 @ 23:45:06.107 MDT] [CHAT] @IllusionaryBot, YouTube Player Announcements have been enabled

das nächste problem sind 2 sachen 1. eigene playlist mit 50youtube links einzel hinzufügen dauert ewig ! 2. ich wollte bevor ich was mache songrequest testen und jetzt reagiert der bot nicht mehr also er fügt das lied nicht in der playlist hinzu! Keine reaktionen


The next problem are 2 things 1. own playlist with 50youtube left single add lasts forever! 2. I wanted to test before I do what songrequest and now the bot does not react so he does not add the song in the playlist! No reactions


If toggled off, bot doesn’t respond to !songrequest. Are you trying to add a song to a playlist or import a playlist?

Wenn du dich ausgeschaltet hast, antwortet bot nicht auf !songrequest, einen song zu einer playlist hinzuzufügen oder eine Playlist zu importieren?


wie schalte ich es denn wieder an denn der bot sagt songrequest ist nun aktiv ? wie importiere ich die playlist?


How do I turn it on again because the bot says songrequest is now active? How do i import the playlist?


Use chat to make it easier on you / Verwenden sie chat, um es Ihnen leichter zu machen:!ytp toggleannounce
Import, read this page / Import, lese diese seite: YouTube Player Documentation


In which folder I must put the playlist file? What command do I need for it?

  1. songrequest
    Songrequest is activated! I’m giving in the chat !Songrequest w98B_zsQW2w and it just does not happen he does not make the song to the requirement of the waiter, even if cih the complete youtube link, he does not do anything! How do I get the problem solved because it is all activated?

The second option is to create a file the addons/youtubePlayer directory that can be imported by the bot. This file may have YouTube links, YouTube IDs, or search strings – just like the !songrequest command. Please note that unless you register your own YouTube API key that imports are limited.

Can you show me an error trying to !songrequest that song? Or is it nothing is printed in chat?


I do not understand this with the playlist! I have a .txt file, where only youtube links are available! This file is called with me myplaylist.txt this file is in the folder phantombot / addons / youtubeplayer / which command I have to run this file as a playlist is taken! Would be easiest if I had a file, where for example a youtube link would be. Where I theoretically only need the command in the console and where I must save the file! Because I have about 50 youtube left! This playlist should work with the songrequest funtkion! In the other problem I have phantombot reconfigured


Once you have your playlist in phantombot / addons / youtubeplayer run the following command in your Twitch chat.

!playlist importpl file PLAYLIST_NAME_HERE PLAYLIST_FILE_HERE.txt


I have just tried this filename. Myplaylist.txt I have the file with addons/youtubeplayer/myplaylist.txt drin. Has the twitch chat the command. !Playlist importpl file playlist_myplaylist myplaylist.txt it loads and there is an error in the file itself from myplaylist.txt. Is only a youtube link more is not there in it!


My problem was solved now by new set up or by new installation fixed

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