Song Requests - Video Unavailable

PhantomBot Version: 2.4.2 with latest Beta Panel
OS Version: CentOS 7
Java Version: 1.8.0
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Chrome
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

Let us know what help you need:
The 4 songs in the default playlist work perfectly fine but when I request a song and press play it says either video unavailable or just skips back on to the default playlist. Various console logs from my attempts below:

Anyone got an idea? Need to get this working as quickly as possible

Try to update your bot to the latest Nightly Build and Acquire YouTube API Key first.

I actually found a song that worked but only 1 that I tried so far actually worked. Also get this error:

(Pressed play on another song in the queue)


But it is doing this with most of the songs I request?! How am I meant to let my viewers request their favourite songs

Did you acquire YouTube API Key already?

Yes, I have my API key in botlogin.txt

So is there no way around this?

If videos are not accessible via the YouTube API they will not work. We will not violate the terms of service and develop any sort of a workaround. You’re more than welcome to develop your own if you so choose, or use a third party service such as that is designed to be livestream friendly.

Is there anything you know of that will allow my viewers to request ALL songs available on youtube that I can run on my VPS alongside phantombot?

Nothing that doesn’t violate the YouTube terms of service, which we do not condone nor allow discussion of.

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Ah, ok. How do bots such as streamelements do it then? (Sorry about so many questions, just curious)

They ignore the TOS of YouTube and use different methods which we are aware of. Again, we do not condone nor perform workarounds like other bots do.

There are many changes happening currently as well. With the pressure on copyright violations and the Twitch CEO sending out a communication to streamers about the use of copyrighted material on their service and how it pertains to Article 13 and actions they may have to take, and even saying quite clearly, “we support reform and rights holders’ ability to be compensated for their work.” it stands out to me at least that the streaming services are looking to take this very seriously as well.

Quite honestly, it would not surprise me if YouTube is enacting more filters as well. As indicated above, error 150 is being thrown from the Player itself.

My prediction is that services will be pressured further to take additional steps, such as Facebook just terminating a stream, I was reading on this earlier today in fact, when audio is flagged as copyrighted. The time is coming, I believe, where people will have to license music (I pay to license music for my stream) just like a radio station, restaurant, or any other service that provides ambient background noise.

While I do appreciate the inconvenience this may cause, the content creators and those enforcing copyright violations are within their rights to dictate the use of their creation. It has been something that has been mostly ignored for years. Now with more media attention being given to the matter though, I believe the game is changing.

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I see, thanks for your detailed response :smiley:

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You are welcome. From one side of the fence, I completely appreciate and understand the frustration. From the other side of the fence (I consult with some of the companies involved) I can see why they do what they do. I appreciate your patience and understanding with the matter.

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