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I have been using Google Play Music for years and I have been using Google Play Music Desktop Player at work and I really love it. The only downside is I have to stick with the YouTube request system (which isn’t what I wish to do if I don’t have to).

Is there any way there could be some kind of integration with it where my viewers can request songs and they play through GPMDP? I believe it has an API that uses JSON. And I am not a programmer so, apologizes for my incompetence if I am incorrect.

Also, I play alot of Guitar Hero on stream, can Phantom Bot take requests and put them in a text file so I can read the requests for songs my viewers what me to play?

Thank you!


There is not an api for Google Play Music currently, only unofficial varieties. We do not use third party api’s that may/can/tend to violate Terms of Service agreements. Also YouTube ToS indicate that you cannot aggregate streaming services with any other platform (yes both are owned by Google, however there is no exception clause afaik for GPM).

As for your second question, take a look at the command variables we have. Specifically write file, would be suited for what you wish to achieve.


Well, still a bummer that ya’ll can’t use the GPMDP API. Oh well. Thank you though.

But that should work just fine! Awesome!

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