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I installed this bot and created another twitchaccount and activated it using the Oauth codes. But now what? I have absolutely zero clues on what to do.

I want my viewers to gain some kind of points when they are in my chat watching. But I dont even know what file to open and what to do. Theres like no guide or anything.

I dont even know what the bot does now that I linked it to a second account. For all I know it might do things I dont want.


We have a bunch of tutorials on the forum in the documentation section.

Setup guide: Windows Setup Guide

More guides:

I would suggest browsing around on the control panel and look at the modules.


The windows setup guide I did before. Now when I open it it says theres a update. I went to the link and downloaded the latest version but when I want to open it it gets cancelled by windows defender.


You might have to add an exclusion. Sometimes Java apps get blocked.


I excluded the map but still it blocks it.


I just downloaded a fresh copy on Windows 10 (15063) and Windows Defender did not block the unzip of the file. Can you please show the screenshots of the particular issue?


Its all in Dutch though. That blue screen is what pops up the moment I press launch.


Click Meer informatie (More information?) and then it will indicate that launch.bat is not from a trusted source (we do not pay Microsoft for a trust license) and you can agree to run the batch file anyway. If you are worried about security, perform a security scan first on the files in the directory to ensure that they are in fact clean. Our builds are performed from a Linux server and signed by a key before GitHub allows us to post a release.


Okay it worked thanks. Meanwhile I managed to link it to my discord. Now im trying to find out this module thing multiple posts are about. Im new to this kinda thing.


So I want to enable modules on discord and on the official guide this is written on the bottom:

Enabling the module

By default all of the discord module are all off. You can get the list of all modules by typing !module list in your discord server, you can also enable them from the control panel. Every discord module on the panel will have [Discord Module] next to the module name so you will know that one is for discord. If you want a list for every command you can use !botcommands.

Its titled enabling the module yet doesnt say how to actually enable a module.


Just made a simple guide for this.


The first picture is some form of dashboard. How do I get it? I only use the black box I open.


When you have the bot opened (black console box) you can you go to http://localhost:25000/panel


Nice thats going to help me a lot!

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Anyone can explain me how to link my account? I want to use my !points command in discord aswell. But I dont understand what link they mean in the command !account link. I tried linking my twitch link but that doesnt seem to work.

I want to use the commands I have on twitch on discord aswell.


Another question. Hope im not a bother but you did teach me a lot in one day already.

I want my viewers to be able to use the command !command but only to see the commands I put in there. If I create a command using !addcom !commands will it override the base !commands version? I cant really think of a different name that people understand to use as a command instead.

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