Some Audiohooks Not Working

PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0
OS Version: Windows 7 6.1
Java Version: 1.8.0_221-b11
Browser and Version (for Panel Support): Firefox 68.0.1 64bit
Stock PhantomBot: Yes

My older audiohooks still work. When I try to add a new one with an .ogg file, the speaker icon lights up but no sound comes out and the audiohooks stop working until i refresh the page.

I’m not using chrome so it isn’t the permission issue, and I’ve been to the twitch modules and turned the audiopanelsystem on and off again with no change.

Any ideas?

Are you sure this is the latest version 3.0.0? That is a screenshot from the old panel, that was completely replaced from version 3 onwards.

Thanks for catching that. I copied over the latest web folder and now it all works. YEEE!

So my audiohooks are now working, however my audio commands no longer work. I’ve tried deleting and recreating and they still don’t work. I’ve made sure all my bot files are up to date with a fresh file set. What I’ve seen online shows other people having the same problem but I haven’t seen any solutions.

are you using the link provided if you click the button “browser source” in the web panel on the audio hook page?
As far as I know the difference between the old and the new panel is that you can hear the sounds only in the browser source and not on the web panel page, if they were triggered by a chat command.

I did not realize that was the new format. Everything works now, you all are great!

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