[SOLVED] Discord - WebSocket closed: 4004 Authentication failed

Since some days, the discord bot is offline and i am not able to make the bot reconnect. a new discord_token has been recreated… but everytime i start the server, the console says:
[03-12-2020 @ 18:15:40.230 CET] [ERROR] [lambda$connect$0()@DiscordAPI.java:120] Failed to authenticate with Discord: [CloseException] WebSocket closed: 4004 Authentication failed.

moreover, the discord-token is beeing changed to “undefined” in the botlogin.txt…

i had to use the nightly buidl because in 3.0.0 discord isn’t working because discord changed the api? in the discord, some dev said that an official update to 3.0.1 will come soon, but the dev said that some weeks ago while i had the discord issues with 3.0.0

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