Several prepared giveaways

Is it possible to implement that you can prepare multiple giveaways and start at the touch of a button?

At the same time the timer! Giveaway and command! Giveaway should be adjusted and activated.

After expiration of the giveaway timer and command! Giveaway should be deactivated automatically.

This would be a big help for example for streams with many giveaways per stream.
It is also useful to start changing but repetitive giveaways.

It would also be very helpful for preparing 24-hour streams with giveaways.

It ought to work if you do something like this:
aliascom [aliasname] [commandname] parameters ;[next command] etc

I think that should work to run several commands in sequence with the specified parameters.

Note: I use both the chaining commands with ; and the alias with parameters in separate aliases, I’ve not tested them together but I assume it ought to work.