Removing Uptime from Titleinfo


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What I am trying to do is remove uptime from Title Info. What I so far was edit line 307 in customCommands
message = $.replace(message, ‘(titleinfo)’, $.lang.get(‘’, $.getStatus($.channelName), String($.getStreamUptime($.channelName))));

message = $.replace(message, ‘(titleinfo)’, $.lang.get(‘’, $.getStatus($.channelName)));

Which now gives me the output
Current Status: Divinity: OS II /w Axarrey (9) #mostlyblind
Current Status: Divinity: OS II /w Axarrey (9) #mostlyblind. Uptime: $2

So I just want it to not call the uptime when I point at title info unless there is already a pointer for just title I could not find


You actually want to create a custom lang file of: commands-streamCommands.js

And replace:
$.lang.register('', 'Current Status: $1. Uptime: $2');

$.lang.register('', 'Current Status: $1.');

For more info on editing custom lang files, see this:

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Thanks a lot

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You can simply delete the title command and do this. !addcom !title Current status: (status)



Okay even easier thanks a lot

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