Readfile able to read random lines?


So, I wanted to make a random joke generator with the command !dadjoke and have the (readfile textfile.txt) command read different lines from the file. Currently it only reads the first line.

Is this possible? If so, please help.


I was sure I added this to the command variable documentation, guess not!

The command variable for this is (readfilerand )

Just added it here: Command Variables


It’s possible you did and I am stupid or when I search, anytime I go to a page I think had the answer, it said it was missing or private -_-

Thank you!


Can I know what page you went to that gave the missing error?


Sorry, been MIA a bit.

It;s any google search when I click the google link to the forums it says it is private or removed


You have to replace “community” with “archive” in those links and you will be fine. The pages are linking to the old forums.

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