Randuser bei Phantombot?

Hey Leute, wie lautet denn beim Phantombot der Befehl für randuser? ( Zufälliger User wird genannt )

Danke für eure Hilfe ! :slight_smile:

Moving this to the appropriate section of the forums.

Also in the future please fill out the information we request when a support post is made, and post in English (Google translate is fine).

The variable you’re looking for is (random) as shown here Command Variables

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Thx a lot ! Sorry its my first time :slight_smile: ! will do this next time.

Sorry Kjitsari. My english is not the best One last question. In your link i dont find the command for:

Hey User your´re watching GhoSzt_Saki for 30 Hours. I am so silly to find it? Thx for your help !

That’s a built in command (called time), which are different than command variables. You can find the list of commands PhantomBot | Twitch Command List .

You’ll need to make sure you have the module enabled, I believe we have a guide in the documentation section of forum.

I cant find it… im to stupid for this :smiley: !

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