!random + !lang = Bug?

I have made a folder in \scripts\lang called ‘dansk’. I have made a copy of all files in ‘english’ into the folder ‘dansk’. Edited most of the files to danish language, and changed the language with ‘!lang dansk’ and its all seems just fine with the new language.

But … I have changed the \scripts\lang\dansk\games\games-random.js to danish as well, but Phantombot seems to be using BOTH the english and the danish file now. It randomly picks an english OR a danish text-line now.

Am I missing something here?

NB: I only use about half the number of lines in the new file, if that matters …

/ Michael

When PhantomBot loads it loads all of the english entries by default, then looks for other entries to load. As you do not have enough entries to overwrite all of the english entries, some remain.

This is not a bug but an intended feature in case a translation does not cover new values in a new release of PhantomBot or in case of all entries not being translated.

Okay. So, I just need to fill out the rest of the 261 non-PG13 lines?

Is it okay to use more lines than the original?


You can use more or just move off the original file out of the way so it doesn’t cause you any problems.

You can also dump the PG-13 entries if you want. That was done as a request for streams that wanted to keep “safe” language and have an option of turning on the more “saucy” language.


Yes, I thought about removing the original file, but I try to keep things clean and safe.

And yes, I don’t use the PG13. (It’s just set to ‘off’ for now)

Thanks for reply!


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