Quick feature request

I would like the bot to return “@User this command does not exist” when a user types a command that does not exist. This would be in Twitch chat. Is this something that can be done?

Seems like this could easily conflict with other bots (with different commands) in the channel.

Say Bot1 (PhantomBot) doesn’t have !help, but Bot2 does - user types !help - Bot1 says ‘Command does not exist’, but then Bot2 spits out a help response.

This seems like a pretty easy custom addition though if you wanted to though. Probably in the customCommands.js script, there’s a block of code that is ran whenever the bot detects a potential command event - if all of the conditions don’t pass, simply do something like $.say($.whisperPrefix(sender) + ", this command does not exist");, or perhaps something close to that, it would likely be at the bottom of this function.