Queue System - Sub Priority/Detection

The queue system is awesome and works well, however, I want to configure it to have an extra collumn (Sub/Foll) and possibly (IGN).
To do this I understand I would need to edit the script and command but where would I do this?
Apologies, I’m new to PhantomBot and am learning as I go.

Also if possible I would like to make the queries required if possible - [DiscordName], [IGN] [Sub or Fol].

Currently I have changed the ‘GamerTag’ field and command output for !queue to ‘DiscordName’ as well as the HTML title in ‘Queue’ under the Control Panel but want to add addtional.

This is what I would like to have:
!joingqueue [DiscordName] [IGN] [Sub or Foll] - all fields requires (if possible)

Hope this makes sense.!

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First, general warning, followers are not the most stable way of detecting folks. In other words, we don’t go back and note if they unfollowed. If you are good with knowing that did follow at some point, then you are good.

I think that you want to change the parameters on how the queue is open? Because when someone joins they wouldn’t indicate if they were a subscriber or follower. That would be done with the queue open section in the command handler in queueSystem.js. You would also need to modify the open() function to handle the new parameter choices.

I am not sure what IGN is. You have to forgive me. Is this something you want the user to provide or you want to limit the queue with?

Updating the Panel is tricky if you want to add fields, that is something that you must have knowledge of JavaScript, JQuery, and HTML to be able to pull off. It also requires updating the Panel Handler function and having an idea of how we implemented web sockets. All of which, can be figured out by reading the code and having an understanding of those languages and APIs.

To clarify, IGN means in-game name/handle/gamertag. And in this case it would be the user inputting it. Hope that helps.

is there an update to this somewhere/ it could be very helpful for me id use it.

Please up-vote it. Right now it is sitting at 0 votes. :slight_smile:

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