Questions about the youtube player for PhantomBot

Hey guys, I have a few generic questions about youtube player commands! Hoping to get a little assistance from people who are familiar with it. I’ve been searching online, looking through youtube, and trying to search the forums but not finding much on these questions.

  1. After the playlist is paused (via !ytp pause), how do you get it to play again through a command? I’ve guessed at a few things but couldn’t find it.

  2. How do you guys prevent people from putting copyright music into your playlist? I’m thinking this would just need to be monitored as you go, or perhaps a point requirement would stop people from spamming in songs (is this possible to do? I know there are point requirements for some commands but I’m not finding it for youtube player commands)

  3. How do I outright disable specific youtube player commands? For example, maybe I don’t want people to add videos, but I would like for them to start/stop or go to next/previous song/etc with points.

  4. How do you actually get the youtube playlist to show on your stream? I was assuming you just had to add the player window as an audio source, but then I saw “Player Size” and it has some options there.

Thank you in advance for your help!

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