Question about followage Command Variable

Is there a way to get more detailed “follow age”
I used to have with deepbot if they type in that command they get:

CookieMonsterAPB: !me

cookiemonsterapb: Derps: 50,110,000 | Hours watched: 4.7 | Current rank: Derp Commander | First Derps: 19-Jul-14 | Started following: 29-Apr-14

and with phantombot you get

@CookieMonsterAPB, cookiemonsterapb has been following channel ruschgaming since April 29, 2014 (1830 days ago)

Is there another way to use a command variable instead of (followage)?

You can add more tags to the followage command; it is just a custom command, change it to whatever you’d like. Hours watched, if you track time only when the stream is live, you could add that tag. You could add Derps (I assume points) as well with that tag. Same with rank, there is a tag for that too. Read this page for a list of all the available tags.

If you want to change the output of the (followage) tag in particular, modify the language entries, or the script itself to change the output (scripts/core/streamInfo.js). You may need to do this if you only wish to return the date that the person started following the channel.

I might look at adding a (followdate) tag here in the next week or two, that would probably be fairly useful for situations like this.


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Added (hours) and (followdate) and (senderrankonly) tags.

Unfortunately, we don’t keep track of the first time the bot notices someone in a channel. Maybe a future enhancement, but that data obviously would be flawed for channels that have been using PhantomBot for some time.

Command String:
Points: (points) | Hours: (hours) | Rank: (senderrankonly) | Follow Date: (followdate)

[05-04-2019 @ 14:47:25.720 MDT] illusionaryone: !info
[05-04-2019 @ 14:47:25.811 MDT] [MUTED] Points: 82430 | Hours: 9 | Rank: Pleeb | Follow Date: 11-05-2016

This is in PR 2141 . The next Nightly and full release will have this.

Do keep in mind that we are not looking to be in parity with other bots. They may have features that we treat differently. In this case, it was easy enough to perform something similar with additional custom tags.

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Thank you! It’s really amazing how fast you guys are and open for ideas!

You got lucky today. I was supposed to be working for a client but the system has been in maintenance for hours past the maintenance window. I was planning on doing this later in the week or next week. :slight_smile:

Thank you for the kids words though!

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Oh, one thing I didn’t document up there (I will on the tags page). If you do not like the date format, which I used the one for the US, you can change a language entry (from the Control Panel or the file):

$.lang.register('followhandler.follow.age.datefmt', 'MM-dd-yyyy');

The Nightly Build is at 5:00am MDT, or you can grab those files from the PR and replace them in your bot (always make a backup copy of files!)

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is it worth downloading the nightly build? I know it has new stuff and other things improved, but will it break the scripts i already have running ? And if i try the nightly build is it as simple as copy past and run again on linux?

The Nightly is typically stable. Right now I am not aware of anything too horribly broken in it.

Typically, when I upgrade I make a new directory with the new version of the bot, copy the config and custom folder directories. In the bots that I run for others (and myself) I use symlinks to move my “current” version around and never change the Linux systemd scripts.

Anyway, It is still on the main 3.0 branch, so nothing has changed too much to break existing scripts. We rarely have changed anything to the point where scripts are not backward compatible.

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