Problem with translation

Command !age I translated calmly, but I can’t find the command tag !followage help me pls.

The following language entries are used:

[morpheus] /opt/iobot/scripts/lang
illusion% grep -R follow.age
english/handlers/handlers-followHandler.js:$.lang.register('followhandler.follow.age.err.404', '$1 $2 is not following channel $3');
english/handlers/handlers-followHandler.js:$.lang.register('followhandler.follow.age.time.days', '$1 $2 has been following channel $3 since $4 ($5 days ago).');
english/handlers/handlers-followHandler.js:$.lang.register('followhandler.follow.age.time', '$1 $2 has been following channel $3 since $4.');

You need to edit the file mentioned (scripts/lang/english/handlers/handlers-followHandler.js) and update the language on the lines shown above. If you have made your own copy of the language file(s) you may update it there instead.

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