Problem to start bot in raspberry pi 1


Hello i have problems to start my bot

[email protected]:~/phantombot $ ./
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:20.503 GMT] The working directory is: /home/botuser/phantombot
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:20.605 GMT] Detected Java 1.8.0_212 running on Linux 4.14.98+ (arm)
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.320 GMT]
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.333 GMT] PhantomBot Version: 3.0.0
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.338 GMT] Build Revision: fcc08b51
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.344 GMT] Creator: mast3rplan
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.350 GMT] Developers: PhantomIndex, Kojitsari, ScaniaTV, Zackery (Zelakto) & IllusionaryOne
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.356 GMT]
[05-13-2019 @ 12:49:22.362 GMT]
WARNING! readelf not found. Cannot check if running on an armhf system, armel architecture will be presumed.
how i fix this?


This sounds like an OS level issue, “ELF” is the binary format on Linux. You should ask the support mechanisms for this distribution of Linux. I do not know how to resolve this and it is not a PhantomBot issue. It is a part of the GNU distribution, perhaps your distribution didn’t install it.

I only have used and tested PhantomBot with Raspbian Jessie, I cannot comment on other versions. I might recommend that you use Jessie and refer to other posts in the forums for that version of Linux.



fixed thanks just update raspbery pi kernel :smiley:

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Great to hear! Sorry I didn’t have a direct answer, just seemed very OS level related. If you need anything else, please let us know.