Post to Discord from the StreamDeck

I was asked if a message could be sent to Discord via StreamDeck. I didn’t see Discord as a default option in StreamDeck so wrote a simple script for posting a message to Discord. I will illustrate what you would put in the PhantomBot StreamDeck properties file to post something.

Place the below script into scripts/custom in your PhantomBot directory.

sendDiscord.js (772 Bytes)

The command is limited to Admin and above, so random people in Twitch chat will not be able to use it.

The following is an example of what to add to the properties file for PhantomBot StreamDeck:

discordmsg=!discordpost discord_channel_goes_here_no_#_please This is the message to post to Discord.

A real example:

discordmsg=!discordpost announcements Hey! I am going live in a few minutes! Come and check it out!

Do remember to create a new button on the StreamDeck that calls the entry that you created.

Oww I can test this I have multipl stream decks